Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the fun and games begin...

I don't know what got us started today but we started packing up stuff in anticipation for our move coming up. We photographed, catalogued, and took down all the paintings off our walls. We carefully put all 26 or so of them in my van and took them to the in-laws to be stored while we are under construction. What a difference in our home already, the walls are bare and everything has a different feel. I also got a couple things boxed up and put in the garage.
Kind of crazy to finally be getting ready to really start this huge project. Can't wait!!! I've never moved as a kid or since we've been married so I don't know all the fun of moving a household, but as we are only taking minimal stuff with us I am thinking this move won't be that bad, even with three young kids... We'll see.
Can I just say, whoever said babies who are nursed don't have smelly poops never met our girls. I am up with Julia and she just farted...oh man. :) Cross my fingers she stays asleep when she is done.