Saturday, June 23, 2012

Never a dry moment

Back in December I started potty training Molly but when Joe and the girls all got sick for weeks on end I was too tired to really put in the effort needed so I gave up. I had been putting it off even since then. About a month and a half ago Molly woke in the morning completely dry so I figured she was physically ready to try again. It has gone so much better than I had hoped, even back in December. There have been accident but not too horrible. But it seems that both girls tend to have accidents more at Joe’s parents’ home than anywhere else, for whatever reason. A week or so ago we were over there for the afternoon and Molly had an accident right on the corner of their area rug, she created the 6th great lake. So we cleaned it up and cleaned her up. After swimming and showering off we were back inside and playing with dominoes and Molly comes and sits in my lap. … And has an accident, while in my lap. I was more than stunned, I didn’t want to move too much because it was kind of staying in my lap and not seeping down on the same aforementioned area rug. As my mother-in-law was getting rags to clean me and the rug up we failed to keep an eye on Julia who saw the can of soda my mother-in-law had been drinking, grabbed it, and tried to drink it herself. Most of it ended up on the same area rug and on her dress. So we had the 7th and 8th great lakes to clean up, at least it was diet soda, right? Oh the fun.
I am so grateful that we are now down to just diapers at night for Cassidy and Molly, and half the mornings Molly wakes up dry. Three in diapers isn’t so bad in that light. Maybe we will be down to one by the time the new baby comes. Either way, we are way ahead of where we were two months ago. 
Note: I originally wrote this about two weeks ago. We have regressed a little and aren't as dry as we once were. Oh well right? 

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