Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a

This summer I wanted to be able to get us out of the house on a regular basis and take the girls to do something interesting. My dad had brought up a number of times the idea to go to the zoo, it's only two exits up the freeway from his house. So I looked into the cost, expensive to do a one day trip, like $50 with parking, but not bad to buy a season pass, $125 for three adults and up to four children and parking, plus ride coupons and a free one-day pass for two adults and two kids. I thought that would work for us and my dad could also be named so that the girls and I could go with Grandpa D during the day when Joe works.
We have gone three times now, twice with my dad and last week I actually ventured to the zoo with the three girls all by my six-and-a-half month pregnant self. We have really enjoyed seeing the various animals. I was right in thinking that the zoo is something even our 15 month old could get into, Julia enjoys seeing the animals as much as the other two. In fact on our first visit we stopped at the first animal area and were greeted by a monkey that swung through the trees right in front of us and proceeded to hang there with his legs folded, it was quite cute. And then he did as a monkey does, peed and pooped, right in front of us. The girls giggled and I tried to move us on a little. Oh well. That is nature, right?
As we left the zoo after our second visit, we saw a hill side of goats. There must have been a thousand of them, grazing the hillside as living lawn mowers for fire prevention I am sure. Cassidy really liked them.

Here are some cute pictures of them from our first two trips.

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Mandy and Mark said...

How fun! My kids also love the zoo, but yours sounds quite a bit more fun! You are so brave to go alone- I hope the girls were angelic for you.