Thursday, February 14, 2013

Busy and loving it

We have had quite the last few days: a trip to the zoo, a trip to the dentist (make that two trips), a trip to the Adobe, friends, chocolate, balloons, school...
Yesterday we went to the zoo in the morning. It was a perfect day, kind of cool, the animals were out and being hilarious. Oh man you should have seen the little squirrel monkey- hilarious- it would stand on its two legs and walk, well more like stalk, whatever it was he was stalking with his arms held in like T Rex and then ponce. I tried to tape him but as soon as I got my camera out he stopped. Who knew that squirrel monkeys stalked invisible prey? Even the condors were out and walking around. They usually just sit in the sun, motionless. Oh and the crocodiles, they were swimming so I ran over with Sean and Molly and as we got to the glass the croc stopped, right in front of us. We were inches from him, just the glass and metal grate separated us from him. Scarey, crocs are scary. The thought of meeting one of those in the wild, oh man. And he was just staring at us. I think he looked at Julia and thought "I want one of those." And the sag... apes were out and they never are when we go to the zoo. It was a great day to be with the kids and Grandpa at the zoo. Sean slept most of the time and so we were able to stay longer than normal.
Cassidy went to the dentist yesterday and had her first cleaning. She did AWESOME!! Clean bill of health and even let the dental hygienist do two x-rays. At first I was afraid, really afraid that it would be a bust, but she did great. Molly was bummed that she wasn't able to go. But I accidently dropped my camera in the waiting room (but didn't realize until I got home) so we got to make the trip again this morning. Cassidy led the way like the big sister she is.
Today for Joy School we visited a local site that has a fake cow (it's an old dairy) for the kids to milk. Molly hated it but Cassidy and Julia had fun. All six kids (ages almost 2-5) had fun going through all the little exhibits. The two babies did pretty good. But man, we were 2 moms and 8 kids and that was a feat unto itself. It was successful though and I am proud that we can do things like that without the sky falling on top of us. The only bummer was that I had to wake Sean from his nap to go.
With the gorgeous (almost 70 degrees) weather we were able to get out a bunch and play with friends. A bittersweet story. Our neighbors also have three girls, well they all had mylar balloons today for V-day. They were out playing when we got home and we arrived just in time to see the youngest girl somehow release the oldest girl's balloon. The oldest girl just broke down and bawled, she asked why it happened and even said that she had only had her balloon for an hour. Well a few minutes later the middle sister went in the house and came back out and promptly released her own balloon. In her own words because it wasn't fair that the oldest had lost her balloon. Isn't that the sweetest thing?? Funniest part was the reaction of the oldest upon seeing her younger sister's expression of love was to burst out crying all over again as if it was her own balloon. Not two minutes later did my VTer stop by with... a mylar balloon for V-day.
Grandma and Grandpa stopped by with new v-day shirts and chocolates from Ghiradelli, our hometown chocolate makers. I love the orange filled squares, they are awesome. Try them if you get the chance. Speaking of which, I think I am going to go get one or two. :) Oh yummy. Makes my tummy smile.
Over the last month or so we have been actively getting all our ducks in a line for kindergarten in the fall. I can't believe that Cassidy will be five in August and will be starting kindergarten. I have learned so much in the process of preparing for this, our next BIG adventure and I am excited. Even in the process of making my own decisions I have been able to help others get the information they need for their own educational decisions and that feels good. It is amazing how much you learn the first time through and how much easier it will be with the other children.
I love friendship and family and how much we can help each other. Tonight our neighbors brought us dinner, tomorrow we are bringing dinner to our friends, and grandma and grandpa are watching the kids to let joe and me go out for V-day.

I heard a quote yesterday that is so true, it is to the affect of "He does not love who does not show it."
What a blessing it is to love and be loved.

Cassidy took this photo yesterday morning.

Gotta love pig tails!!

He wasn't even the biggest croc in the exhibit.

Milk it baby!!

Molly took this photo today.

At the Adobe with Joy School.

Her first dental exam, love the glasses.

Don't forget the barbies that the girls got yesterday. Their first day with barbie dolls.

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