Saturday, January 12, 2013

January already

      Crazy how time flies. You'd think that I would realize it by now, but every so often it kind of slaps me in the face as I realize how long it's been since I wrote in my journal or posted a blog, phone a friend or written a needed letter/email.
      We, well mostly Joe and the girls (and Sean as of this week) have been fighting a cold. But it seems, except for Seany, that everyone is finally getting past it. It's so sad to see a little guy struggle with congestion and coughing. It's funny though when he sneezes and snot comes out his nose. I don't know why that cuteness goes away before a year old, but it's cute now. His sleep was really affected and that meant mine was (even more) and that was rough, but he seems to be recovering. I could use a good 10 hour stretch of sleep, uninterrupted sleep. Wouldn't that be heaven? Not a chance though.
      Tomorrow I start in on my new calling as Relief Society teacher. I am excited, a little nervous, but looking forward to it. Having a bit of a focus problem though, what out of 33 pages of material do a focus on/talk about. It's going to be interesting to see how many of the ladies have read the lesson and can help in the discussion, I hope a bunch.
      It's been COLD lately. I know it's all relative but for us, it's been cold. I don't even like going outside all bundled up. I bought sweat pants today to combat the cold at night when I am up with the baby. Burrr, too cold for me. I keep thinking how I wanted to serve a mission in Russia before I was called. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I didn't know what cold was back then, nor do I REALLY know cold even now. That must be why I was sent to some islands near the equator; the first island I served on was called Fogo (that's 'fire' in Portuguese) and it was volcanic. I guess melting is better than freezing.
     Sean had his 4 month check last week. He's the latest in our line of kids-who-drop-almost-off-the-weight-charts. He's gaining weight at a constant pace, it's just slow. He weighed 12 pounds 2 ounces. He'd put on over 2 pounds and had gained 2 1/2 inches, so he's growing just slowing. All the kids started putting on good weight and really catching up after starting solids. Hence Molly (who went in for her 3 year check with Sean), she was the smallest at birth, 6 pounds 8 ounces and 18 inches. She is now in the 95% for height 39 1/2 inches i think and 85% for weight 34 pounds. It's just stressful in the low weight periods. Here's a funny stat. At 4 months all our kids had the same head circumference: 40 cm.
   Cassidy and Molly started Joy School this last week. They loved it. My friend is joining with us. She too has four kids whose age range from top to bottom is four years 2 months (ours is 4 years 2 weeks). Her oldest two are doing it with us. I am still figuring it all at, obviously, but Cassidy keeps asking to do it everyday so she must really like it. Molly has a harder time sitting for those 5-10 minute periods but she enjoys all the singing and reading and arts etc. I am so excited to be doing this with such a good friend. Her oldest and Cassidy will both be in kindergarten at the same school in the fall. It'd be awesome to have them in the same class.
I am learning to expect less perfection from four kids. Just go with "that's how they really are" flow.
My mother in law bought the girls matching outfits for Christmas and had wanted to get all four kids into some photos for her table display. Well Sean was asleep when she came by so only the girls made it. Her are some of my favorites from the photo shoot.

 I love Molly's snarky look and Julia's gorgeous smile.

Cassidy looking beautiful.

     I don't know how this one happened but isn't it priceless? I need to blow it up BIG.


Savages said...

Your girls are adorable!!

Merilee said...

Love it! Cassidy looks so much like you.:)