Saturday, October 6, 2012


   So its 6:30am, i am feeding sean in the living room, listening to cassidy and julia right above me having fun in bed. they are laughing, making noises, and not sleeping. its cute being a part of their fun  from a distance, not interrupting. sean may or may not go back to sleep after eating, usually he doesn't after this lat night/first morning feed. but that is okay because over the last two weeks he has developed an awesome night sleep pattern, one stretch of at least 6 hours, up to nine one night!!! i am in love, in heaven, and not altogether exhausted. oh that it will continue. please please please.
   Last night joe and i had date night. kids and politics were off limits. it was WONDERFUL. love my kids, love discussing what's going on, but it's nice to have a break and talk about other things. we then watched a couple of episodes of Merlin together and went to bed. sean had been sleeping since 730 pm and didn't get up 130 am, it was fabulous.  a nice night with joe was so needed.
   The weather went from 98 degrees Tuesday to just 75 today, fall arrived!!!
   Gas prices, in case you are ready for a shock, went from $4.45 sunday to $4.89 last night!!! It cost joe over $80 to fill up his Passat!! What happened? There was even a 10 cent increase yesterday from the tome we went to the library at 10 am an going out to dinner last night. RIDICULOUS!!!!

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Miss V_ said...

yes gas is INSANE.