Friday, July 13, 2012

hodge podge

Wednesday was 7/11, which happens to be free slurpee day at 7Eleven. We were driving and it was coming on lunch time so we looked up the closet 7Eleven and stopped. What a fun memory, to be sitting in the back of our odyssey with our lunch and free slurpees. I wanted to get a picture of it, but of course the camera was at the bottom of the basket and wasn't worth the effort, so I just logged the scene in the memory bank. Sounds trivial, but it's those little moments right?
We forgot our pack-n-play and with only one crib here, we had to come up with a sleeping plan, and it has been interesting. Cassidy is in a HUGE queen size bed in the same room as Julia in the crib. Molly is in a twin bed next to a twin bed in her own room. Two firsts, Julia sharing a room and Molly not in a crib. The days had to come and we were forced to do it. The first night Julia cried, a lot. Not sure if it was because it was a new room or because it was too bright to hide that fact, but it took her a while to get to sleep. Now she's falling asleep much easier and the challenge is to get Cassidy not to wake her up in the morning when Cassidy wakes up. Julia will even take a three-hour nap in her room!! We are quickly getting to the time when we had to put the bookends as I call Cassidy and Julia together and it seems to be  successful so far. Molly, oh Molly. She's been the x-factor. One night she was up and out of her room for over an hour, the next night she was out in five minutes, tonight we are still having a stand off. She's just playing on her bed, after lots of trips out to "go pee", throw out the stuffed duck, get the stuffed duck, and who knows what purpose.
I don't have a favorite child but I think my favorite age right now is 12 - 16 months. It is such a fun and enjoyable age. Julia is such a joy to be around. The few tantrums are quickly swallowed up in all the cute and adorable things she does. It seems like every time I turn around I want to say 'ahhh, you are so cute!!' She walks around tyring to put on any pieces of clothing or shoes she finds, she loves to walk around on her toes, she loves to chatter and is acquiring more and more words every day, and she is such a love bug. Maybe it's the contrast with the more difficult stages Molly (cry about everything) and Cassidy (bosy and defiant) are in. Despite their own challenges, Molly and Cassidy have moments that are just as cute and wonderful, those moments just seem to come less often than with Julia. They are all so different and it is amazing to me every time I really notice it. They were born different, with different temperaments, different likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, etc. My challenge is to learn the different ways they need me to deal with each of them.
I am so grateful to have all these girls in our family. They love each other and at times they surprise me with the acts of kindness they show towards each other. Molly is such a share bear and often Cassidy will talk Molly into giving Cassidy the last portion of whatever Molly has, and Molly will do it with a smile. Cassidy tries to help her sister and when one of them cries she often is quick to get to their side and try and console them. Oh and Julia has just learned how to kiss and she will go around and give everyone kisses.  She even makes the smacking noise before she kisses.
Molly is asleep!! Almost two hours after going down to bed. We are all still learning.
What else?? Five weeks to go, that is my prediction.  Six max. I can't believe it. Maybe that is why I am enjoying Julia so much, she knows and I know that it's almost over with her being the baby. It kind of makes me sad. She will be the oldest of any of the girls when this little boy comes but it seems like her being the baby is going to be over much too soon for me. I don't know if I am ready for the sleepless nights and all the havoc that it will do on our schedule. Life is good right now and I know that things are going to change big time after this baby comes. He's squirming around right now, maybe to reassure me that it will be just as wonderful as it is now but it's a little scarey to me right now.

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Merilee said...

Oh boy can I relate to the bossy, defiant stage right now.;) I love how you're able to recognize the positive amid the patience-trying moments. You are awesome December.:)