Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 19th already??

I can't believe it's been three months, sorry. A lot is going on and without Internet at home, it's been nigh to impossible to update the blog. I'm lucky if I can check my email every other week, I really have had to make a HUGE effort to get my online banking stuff done. I wish that there was an Internet plan that would allow for a weekly or daily connection allotment and that's all you'd pay for. Maybe 3 hours a week or 30 minutes a day. That would be IDEAL!! Then I could stay on top of a few things and still get to know what is happening out in the world. Sometimes I feel so isolated but that isn't a biggie.
Can you believe in five days Christmas will be here? Nor can I. Friday is Molly's first birthday. Crazy. Right now I am up in the mountains, snowed in, and remembering what it was like to think that I was going to deliver at my in-laws' cabin Christmas Eve with no one but some clueless, scared firefighters. Oh how I am grateful for competent doctors and nurses who know what's going on and how to make it not hurt so much. Back to Molly. She's walking now. She'll take about 10 steps max on her own and will go from thing to thing quite easily. She usually keeps her arms above her head or out in front of her a la Frankenstein. She is so cute. She is so patient with Cassidy who would love her to death if we didn't referee. Cassidy loves to try and pick her up, often by wrapping her arms around Molly's neck and pulling up. I've gotta keep an eye on those two when playing together. They love each other though. It is so obvious and so wonderful. They both become so excited when they wake up in the morning and see the other for the first time. Cassidy asks to go see Molly constantly while Molly is napping. What a joy for me. It makes all the difficulties of having them so close in age seem worth it. I'll post a video when I can get online with a better connection.
Cassidy is such a dear, she loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone. She has a crush, a 28 month old toddler crush, on the 9-year-old son of our friends here at the cabin with us. It is so funny. She always asks where he is and wants to see him and she'll follow him around endlessly. He is pretty good about it. When she sees him she'll say "go get Jaxon?" but then she gets to shy to go up to him. So adorable. She is picking up all our tendencies. I have to tell her to stay where she is sometimes when I need to go get something, and today she told me to stay where I was while she went to get something. It was hilarious, she was so serious, just like I have to be with her. It is amazing to watch them develop and learn and become little people with capabilities and opinions and everything.
Joe and I are nearing, we hope, the end of the review process to have our addition design approved by the city. We submitted our plans in November and have gone through one review and now are trying to obtain a variance for an issue that wasn't even noticed by the city planning department right away. There is a public hearing tomorrow at 11:30 about the variance but seeing as we are snowed in in the Sierras, we won't be able to make it. We are crossing our fingers that we aren't needed for anything and that we will be granted the variance. It looks good but we won't know until tomorrow, at least. If that goes through than we will be eligible to start the permit process in January!!!!!!!! We won't begin construction until the rains stop in the spring but at least we will be okayed by the city to go ahead. A HUGE step.
I turned 30 this last week. Not such a big deal. I guess now that I'm 30 I don't have to feel too young to be going gray. I hate the gray hair but I like my hair color and so I don't want to dye it. Maybe if enough women owned their grays then society wouldn't care so much about them. Go gray-hair-owner-uppers!!!! Having two kids and a third on the way sounds age appropriate. Gong through MAJOR home renovation sounds like something a 30 year old would do.
Can I mention how weird it still is to me to feel a baby move inside my belly?? I've done this three times now and the whole conception and development and birthing thing is just weird. Really, there is a living thing inside me? Kicking me and squirming and sucking the energy and nutrients from me? It's like a parasite. It's a parasite for 9 months and then a leach for however long you nurse. You love them but sometimes it just seems odd. Three more months, maybe. The doc thinks less. I don't know if I'll be able to make it that long. The third one is a lot more uncomfortable than the first or second and the second got pretty painful there towards the end. What a blessing though to be able to be pregnant and for the pregnancies to be as tame as they are. I know that I am lucky.
Funny story to close. Last week I went to In-n-out at about 11 pm, don't ask. There are two windows, the first had a sign in it, Foward to next window, or something like that. I looked at it and thought, huhhh, aren't there TWO r's in forward?? I didn't say anything, but I wondered and still do wonder how many people see that and think, couldn't they afford to spell check??

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Merilee said...

Thank you for the lovely update December. I'm so glad things are going well for your family and that your little girls get along so nicely.:)