Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boy crazy at 21 (months that is)

We've already entered the boy crazy age and Cassidy is not even 22 months old yet. First it was Mitchell, an older boy from church, nursery to be exact. Out of the blue she started saying his name during the day. Next she'd find the picture of us with another family on vacation and say the son's name over and over, Jaxson, Jaxson, Jaxson. Now she carries the picture around like a teenage girl with a crush. It's really cute. We see Jaxson's family about every other month and have gone on vacation a few times with them. He's really nice to Cassidy, but at 8 years old, I don't think it'll work out.
Cassidy is so fun. Today I was putting Molly down to sleep and Cassidy just couldn't resist coming in and jumping on the bed Molly and I were sitting on. Then she wanted to play with Molly's shoes. But my favorite was when it was her to turn to be put down for a nap she responded to my "I love you" with her typical "love you, too" and then threw in the "momma" for bonus points. I could only smile "I love you, too, Momma." How great is that. That reminds me of last night when the missionaries came over for dinner. On the other side of our dining room wall is Cassidy's crib so we can really hear her well. Well last night she wasn't asleep by the time we sat down for dinner so all through dinner we heard her trying to talk to us, saying "hi momma," and all kinds of other cute stuff. We did have to move her crib away form the wall because she was enjoying kicking and slapping the wall too much. There she is right now saying "hi momma" at the top of her lungs and jumping up and down. So cute. We consider the first 30 minutes after we put her down to be her own wind down time and know that she won't fall asleep for awhile, but that is okay with us. Now she's saying "Molly" and "Cassie" (her name for herself). How I love that little imp.
Molly is almost 6 months, crazy. She's a roller and usually ends up rolling onto her tummy from her back. So different from Cassidy. She is SOOOO happy. I started solids with her and she does well with them. The only problem, it's made her stinky poo even stinkier!! Oh well. Maybe that will keep the boys away. :)
We have our garden in, FINALLY. The tomato plants are doing well, all 30+ of them. My mom would laugh so hard if she saw me with tomato plants in the ground. I HATE fresh tomatoes, they are not good. But we make so much tomato sauce that it makes sense to grow a ton. The pumpkins are doing really well, the watermelon, zucchini, and butternut squash are content. I hope our peppers start picking it up. Pictures to come.
We are making progress with the second story addition. We downloaded AutoCAD and are working on the drawings to submit to the city. We spent 1.5 hours at the city planning office 2 Fridays ago getting the information on the steps that we need to take to make this a reality. I can't wait!!! So exciting. More space!!!!!!


Christina said...

Aren't the things kids say the cutest? Hope everything goes well with the second story addition!

Merilee said...

Way too cute! Way to go with your garden! Good luck with your second story addition!:)