Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's been too long

Today ended up going very different from what I thought this morning. Last night was rough. Cassidy woke up crying around 11p, Molly was hungry about 12a, again at 4a, then she woke up (if she ever fell asleep) around 430a needing to be reswaddled and rocked back to sleep. Cassidy talked on and off from about 5a on. Joe got up with her and then he left about 6a to go skiing with his dad. Cassidy came to bed with me, that lasted till 615a when Molly wanted to get up too. After a night like that, all I wanted to do was go back to bed, but that didn't happen. Fortunately Molly went back to sleep about 7a. She woke up around 830a and I decided to give her a bath. While I was bathing her I remembered that some old friends played volleyball at a local chapel from 9-11a. Oh that sounded like fun, so I got the girls dressed, changed into work out clothes and hit the road.
I don't remember the last time I played volleyball, really played, with people who know how to play. I'm sure it was before Joe and I got married. I think it'd been even a few years before that that I had done drills. Well that's what we did today. Drills. It was so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a blast. I already feel it in my legs. Isn't it great??? The girls were able to come because there is a babysitter who only charges $2!! What a deal. There were about 8 kids there. Cassidy wasn't too thrilled but it was good for me to find out that she needs to be around kids without me more. Molly was a doll, after I feed her.
I had so much fun. It is so good to get out and do something that is so me for a change, something that was me longer than I've been a mom or a wife. Something that I enjoy but don't get a chance to do very often at all. We will be going back, hopefully weekly.

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Merilee said...

What a wonderful way to recharge! I think all Mommys need to find outlets to charge their individual batteries and to keep them sane.;)