Friday, April 24, 2009

Prayers for the broken hearted

I don't know how to start this post or what words to use. My heart is broken for a friend of mine who is going through one of the most heart wrenching experiences possible. I don't know all the details, they aren't important. She gave birth to a son on Easter sunday and today he passed away due to complications from birth. Yesterday when I read her blog telling her friends and family that she and her husband had to make the decision to take him off the respirator I went in and picked up Cassidy and just held her and cried.

All that I ask of you, my friends, is that you add the McEntire family to your prayers. If you are looking for a reason for fasting this upcoming Fast Sunday, please consider them. Most of us have children, can you imagine? Nor can I.

We love you T.


Tagen and Eric said...

Thanks for your support and loving words.

Amanda Hardman said...

I didn't know you knew the McEntires as well. We used to be in the same ward...we shared a duplex...
we prayed hard for them and are still praying. Scott and I talked so much about their situation and if anyone could go through something like that, it would be them. They are such strong people and we love them so much! God bless them!