Thursday, January 22, 2009

there are no accidents

Joe and I watched KunFu Panda the other night, so cute. There are no accidents is a line from the movie. I had a great little experience yesterday that I wanted to share just because it made me think about all the little things that some take as accidents or coincidences that really aren't.
So yesterday I had a HUGE desire to make a bread recipe I had been thinking about doing for weeks now, Glazed Lemon Poppyseed Bread. I even bought poppyseeds to make it, something I have never done before. Well I decided to just have the bread machine make the dough and then I'd split it up into small loaves, bake them in my oven, glaze them, then take one over to a lady in our ward who had a baby on Sunday morning, her fifth but first girl. So I did. Can I tell you how good it turned out? I HAD to taste one loaf before I could give the others away. Oh my oh my. The bread wasn't super lemony or sweet but with the glaze it was tart yet sweet enough and so good. I wrapped up two of the loaves and headed off the her house.
I hoped that she would be there just so that I could say hi. When I got there, she answered the door holding her new little Sarah. She invited me in and let me hold her little girl. She handed her to me and I felt like she had put an empty blanket in my arms. Her little girl was 5lbs7oz at birth and had weighed in at 5lbs even at her color check the day before. Then she told me that earlier in the day she had gone to Costco with her husband. As she was walking around she saw Lemon Cakes. She was sorely tempted to get one because she really likes Lemon cake but didn't really want to get a whole one because she's the only one in her family that really likes them. So she didn't get one. Then I show up with Lemon Poppy seed Bread. Who'd have known? I felt good that I could do something for her that was something that she'd like without even knowing. Little promptings to take actions don't have the have any real long lasting impact, sometimes they are just because it'll make someone happy even for only a short time. Plus I got to hold Sarah. My reward for doing something nice. Lemony warm fuzzies for me today. :)


GayLynn said...

You are making me crave some Lemon Poppy Seed bread! Ymmm. Thanks for sharing your story. It's a great reminder to act when we are prompted.

Christina Bess said...

"Warm lemony fuzzies", what a great way to put how that experience went.