Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Guess what we learned on Saturday? Cassidy is getting TWO teeth. Both her bottom front teeth are starting to poke up. She doesn't often show her gums, usually the tongue comes out, but she did at one point Saturday night and I noticed the little white dot on the right side. Upon further examination I noticed another one on the left side, only a little less developed. Crazy, huh? The 11 month old doesn't even have teeth yet. So I'm not all that excited about the prospect of teeth because of the past incidents of clamping down during nursing. Today there was much biting down during feeding time, so I would press on her check in an attempt to get her to loosen her grip on me. Does anyone have any suggestions for the biting and how to best deal with the emergence of teeth in a nursing baby? Any thoughts would be great.


Marissa said...

I had a friend whose son was a biter and she ended up getting these plastic shields (I am not sure what the exact name of them were) that prevented him from biting her, but still allowed him to get milk. I have seen them at Target. Good luck!

Christina Bess said...

If they are what I'm thinking of they are conveniently named "nipple shields", but I could be thinking of something different.