Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So Miss Cassidy got her first taste of rice cereal last week. She did surprisingly well. She made the cutest faces, like she'd eaten something sour, but swallowed it down, no gagging or choking or spitting out. I had mixed in the liquid vitamins with it the first couple of times, I think that accounted for the faces. The vitamins smell yucky, I can only imagine how it tastes. Today I just used water. She made the faces a couple of times than started grabbing my arm to pull the spoon into her mouth. SO CUTE!! She even got upset when she was all done with the little cup of cereal. I'll post a photo tomorrow.
She also started doing raspberries yesterday. Oh my goodness, is it adorable. It almost seems like she moves the saliva to her lips just to make more noise. Our little doll is so much fun!

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