Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Joe and I went in for the 20 week ultrasound last week to make sure that our little one is developing properly, and to find out the sex. The sonographer and the doctor both raved about the baby's spine and long toes and healthy brain and heart. And in taking after Papa Joe, the baby liked to moon us more than show us it's face. Well that made determining the sex quite easy and fairly conclusive. It's...a...girl!!! I am excited!! Joe is still letting it sink in, he feels less prepared to raise a little girl than to raise a little boy. That would make sense. There will be plenty of little girl friends for our little one. There have been 6 girls born within our ward in the last 6 months, plus there are three little girls on our block, and maybe a fourth due just after ours (we should know soon if our neighbor is having a boy or girl). Then there are the three girl cousins that live only about five minutes from us. (Lots of hand me downs, YEAH!!!)
I have been feeling her move since around the later half of week 17. Finally Joe can feel those movements when he puts his hand in the right spot on my belly. It's so neat because he was really feeling like a spectator for the majority of the pregnancy. Now he can be a little more involved.
I will post some of the photos from the ultrasound next time. And then you can see our little girl.


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